International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond

October 12-16, 2020, Moscow, Russia



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Friday, October 16, 14.40-18.00 MSK (11.40-15.00 GMT)


October, 12
October, 13
October, 14
October, 15
14.40 MSK
11.40 GMT

Parallel Session S01-D13

Parallel Session S03-D14

Plenary talk
Suklyun Hong
"Theoretical Study of Electronic Structure of 2D Materials and Their Heterostructures"

Parallel Session S07-D13

Parallel Session S07-D14

Parallel Session S06-D13

Parallel Session S11-D14

15.50 MSK (12.50 GMT)
Vice-President HSE Igor Agamirzyan
Conference Chair Lev Shchur

Poster Session P11-D13

Parallel Session S01-D14

Plenary talk
Hai-Qing Lin
"Entanglement, Wilson Ratio, and Quantum Phase Transition: Computational Approaches"

Poster Session P01-D13

Parallel Session S16-D14

Parallel Session S04-D14

16.20 MSK
13.20 GMT

Plenary talk
Julia Yeomans
"Dense Active Matter"

Plenary talk
Greg van Anders
"Networks in Space: Insights into Distributed System Design from the Statistical Physics of Spatial Embeddings of Networks"

Plenary talk
Evgeny Kozik
"Diagrammatic Monte Carlo: the universal framework for precision quantum many-body physics"

Plenary talk
Michail Diamantakis
"The semi-Lagrangian advection scheme of the ECMWF global weather prediction system: recent developments and prospects"

Plenary talk
Predrag Cvitanovic
"Spatiotemporal turbulent field theory"

16.20 MSK (13.20 GMT)
Parallel Session S08/1-D13

Plenary talk
Godehard Sutmann
"Simulation of Segregation in hybrid MD/MC Simulation"

Plenary talk
Travis Humble
"Accelerating Scientific Computing Using Today's Quantum Computers"

18.10 MSK
15.10 GMT
Parallel Session S09-D12 Parallel Session S05-D13 Plenary Talk
Renata M. M. Wentzcovitch
"Spin crossover in iron in mantle minerals and consequences for mantle structure"
Parallel Session S02-D15
Parallel Session S11-D12 Parallel Session S09-D13 Parallel Session S11-D15

Parallel Session S12-D12

Parallel Session S11-D13

Parallel Session S13-D15

Parallel Session S06-D12

Parallel Session S08/2-D13

Plenary Talk
Mark Novotny
"Order amidst Disorder" in semi-regular, tatty, and atypical random carbon-based nanodevices"

Parallel Session S08/2-D15

Parallel Session S15-D12 Parallel Session S01/2-D13 18.00 MSK (15/00 GMT )
Parallel Session S18-D15
Parallel Session S04-D12 Parallel Session S03-D13 Parallel Session S04-D15
Parallel Session S08-D12

Parallel Session S17-D15

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